Gamification is the utilization of game-design elements and gaming concepts in non-gaming environments.

The main idea of gamification is to deploy the typical mechanics for computer/mobile/online games in order to increase the involvement of your users in their company activities, enhancing organizational productivity and turn routine work into day-to-day activities with cognitive, gambling and fun processes. Gamification tools are now well-known to increase the user’s involvement in the product life-cycle, while its usage will positively affect the motivation of employees and enhance the customer experience.



UltimVR offers custom development of gamification solutions for companies willing to include entertaining aspects of games and take advantage of engaging and appealing storytelling. It is recognized to enhance employee recruitment, evaluation and organizational productivity itself.


In order to improve interactions with your staff, stakeholders and even increase customer engagement, our team will develop appropriate gamification mechanics, including rewarding elements such as score points, achievement badges, soft currency, daily rewards… to your existing systems.


As an effective alternative to traditional education, gamified learning upgrades your corporate ecosystem and will introduce new growth opportunities for your company, partners and community by building game-like applications provided as gamification-as-a-service.

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