The concept of a digital twin is to create a simulation of a real-world product or system, bearing identical structure, movement, behavior and other characteristics in order to better understand and analyze the performance of existing systems, find deficiencies and possible improvements, as well as test possible changes to the system without any risks.

The Benefits of Digital Twins?

  • Product visualization: Visualize your products and deploy same characteristics
  • Highly accurate analytics: Receive detailed data about your object behaviour
  • No-risk testing: Test your products with no risk of permanent damage
  • Identify deficiencies. Trace down the smallest parts of deficiencies
  • Speed up development: Increase development rate with extensive testing.



Digital twins are mostly used to collect various data and organize it for analysis on your own system. Our experts will create your digital twins and simplify its integration on your existing CRM / ERP / Software solutions.


Because digital information is difficult to understand in the form of graphics, diagrams, and 2D images, VR/AR simulators offer a much clearer view and perspective of any object to examine from different angles and have a closer look to its components.


Because in most of the cases, digital twins will have to match the existing platform and business software you use, UltimVR will integrate your solution into any environment based on C#, C++ or JavaScript.


Because Digital twins require significant resources to operate, such as computing power that can be shifted to a cloud, our team will be help you to deploy your solution on Azure, AWS, or any type of secure cloud-based solutions


SCORM is an abbreviation of “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”, and can be described as a specific standard of constructing virtual products. This protocol must be followed on your products to benefit from the data and testing capabilities provided by digital twin technology

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