Our dedicated team service will help you grow your existing team while bringing valuable expertise to your software development process, speed and efficiency.

Our team is a gathering of many great experts in the industry ready to invest themselves, share their knowledge and scale their involvement in the project when needed.

With UltimVR, you can hire a remote developer, recruit new profiles as long as you need and work with your offshore team using the tools and methods we will provide you.


Thanks to our various experts, developers and technical leaders, UltimVR can cover your needs on most of the latest technology available in the 21st century.


Why use Dedicated Teams?

Scale your existing team fast

Lack of specific in-house technical expertise

Tight timeline required to hire new talent

Accelerate time-to-market while staying within the budget




Our team will be fully focused on your project in order to better understand your vision, implement your working style and dive into the culture of the company.

Quick Start

With our dedicated team, our technical specialists can be assigned and dedicated to your project on a very short time-frame.


Based on your requirements, UltimVR will adapt the team size according to your needs at any time, while reducing costs and ensuring delivery of your project in a tight timeframe.


Because we have delivered numerous project, our project managers will become the guardians of your project and help you deliver it faster and much more efficiently.


If your company requires some very specific profile, our recruitment department will analyze the technical requirements and provide the best resource available accordingly.


Unlike our competitors, UltimVR will enable you to add or remove team members on-demand, following your project requirements, financial budget and timeframe.

Agile Methodology

Because AGILE Methodology has become a reference in IT Development, UltimVR teams are fully prepared to work with Agile approach and ensure the highest efficiency.


As deadlines are always mandatory, UltimVR will focus its effort on delivering your product faster then ever, even with the toughest deadlines.

High Security

With UltimVR, your company will have the guarantee of a high level of security through multiple security controls, IP protection, firewall, malware and virus solutions.

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